Why Strip Church?

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

    We started XXXchurch.com in 2002 inside an adult expo. We were solo. The only religious people that ever thought of doing this went outside with megaphones. We went inside with love. Over the years, we have been invited to exhibit at all the major shows across the world. We have been to over 100 of them in 16 years. At different shows, we have come across other ministries that have taken up booth space; part of us feels like we have paved the way for what they are doing and the other part of us wishes they would just reach out and join with us. Not everyone wants to work with you. Working together is difficult. Some groups have come and gone over the years, and very few have stuck around as we have. Some Christian groups have given away popcorn and taken prayer requests, other Christian groups have told porn stars they have STD’s, and they needed to stop. We don’t agree with what every group does but in the end we don’t have to. The moment we think that what they do over there might hurt what we do over here or might not be as cool or good as what we’re doing.. we miss the point.

    God has called certain people to this kind of ministry, and different people will do different things. We are never going to link arms with the guys with megaphones. But the group that gives out the popcorn and takes prayer requests in Vegas every year, we know they are great people, and we are encouraged they are doing ministry in the same place we are.

    We started Strip Church years ago in Vegas and then expanded it to be a network of like-minded ministries. We have over 100 cities covered right now in the U.S, Canada, London, and Australia. When someone applies to join the network, the first thing we do is let them know what trained network members we have in a city near them. We encourage them to reach out, and most of the time we email the current ministry and let them know about the new Strip Church Network applicant/member. But let’s be honest, sometimes we can all be very territorial, we keep a closed and exclusive group and do not allow new people into our circle. This goes on in junior high and still happens when we’re 40. Often there are some big personalities in these types of ministries, and the most natural thing to do is just do your own thing. But is that what we are called to be and do?  Not everyone is going to get along, share the same vision for the ministry or have the same approach. So, what do we suggest?

    Strip Church will always encourage someone new to seek out an existing ministry in that same town.

    Strip Church believes that there is plenty of room in every city for multiple ministries to exist.

    Strip Church trains and helps women launch into local sex industry ministry, and we encourage those women to stay connected inside our network for ongoing support and encouragement.

    There are churches on every corner in some cities and most of them never talk to the other. We don’t want that to happen here.  We do believe the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.


    We don’t believe in a bunch of rules.  We believe in the freedom of creative ideas and partnership in ministry and the expansion thereof.  The following is a Covenant that you agree to if your application is approved to join the Strip Church Network. If at any time the covenant is broken we reserve the right to remove you and any of your team members from the Strip Church Network and all associated membership perks. No refunds will be given, but you will not be charged any future charges for membership.

    You agree that Strip Church Network membership is a privilege and not an entitlement. You are representing the Strip Church global ministry. Therefore, you are expected to represent well in matters of integrity and hospitality. Never at any time do you work for Strip Church but rather your own individual ministries and in doing so, you desire to be a network partner.

    You agree and align with the vision of Strip Church which is to share the love of Jesus with those working in the legal sex industry.  We have no hidden agenda. Strip Church does not get involved in legislative, political matters nor does it rally against the industry to shut it down.  Because we are a ministry to the legal side of the sex industry we do not get involved in human sex trafficking causes nor do we provide resources for that. It is not our expertise. We respect and honor those that take up those causes, and we have recommendations if you are interested in that type of ministry or calling, but Strip Church does not combine the two.

    You will receive a listing on our Strip Church Network page and you will be referred to as Strip Church network member in your city. You will receive instructions to access all network member benefits and perks and are expected to abide by the agreement with regards to sharing and extending your benefits to your team only. If you know of another ministry that desires training or our resources, please point them to this application or have them contact a Strip Church team member, do not share your benefits or exclusive access with others. You are expected to inform your team of these expectations when you share with them.

    You will be given access to the private network facebook page. This is designed to be an interactive member page. It is a great place to share ideas, request prayer, make announcements and kick around ideas. It has proven to be a stellar place of encouragement and wisdom. Keep in mind that everyone has different experiences, ideas, styles of leadership and ministry. Should a disagreement occur with another member, we would ask that you take it offline. Deal with the person directly in private message fashion. IF you are unable to work out the issue then immediately contact a Strip Church team member to handle. 

    Lastly, but so important: We desire a drama free zone. This is a network. This is a team. This is a partnership. It is a place to encourage and be encouraged. We are not the place for those who want to fly solo or be the center of attention. At the core we know we are here because God has called us to serve those who work in the legal sex industry. It is an honor to serve Him, those working in strip clubs AND each other. We are not in competition here. 

    Love God. Love one another.