Together We Are Better, Stronger, Shine brighter and Accomplish More.

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    Strip Church is an extension of and a sister-ministry to XXXchurch, both are signature ministries of Fireproof Ministries.

    We started in 2002 inside an adult expo. We were solo. The only religious people that ever thought of doing this went outside with megaphones. We went inside with love. Over the years, we have been invited to exhibit at all the major shows across the world. We have been to over 100 of them in 15 years. At different shows we have come across other ministries that have taken up booth space and honestly, part of us feels like we have paved the way and the other part of us wishes they would just reach out and join with us.

    Not everyone wants to work with you. Working together is difficult. Some groups have come and gone over the years and very few have stuck around like we have. Some Christian groups have given away popcorn and taken prayer requests, other Christian groups have told porn stars they have STD’s and they needed to stop. We don’t agree with what every group does but in the end we don’t have to. The moment we think that what they do over there might hurt what we do over here or might not be as cool or good as what we’re doing… we miss the point.
    God has called certain people to this kind of ministry and different people will do different things. We are never going to link arms with the guys with megaphones. But the group that gives out popcorn and takes prayer requests in Vegas every year, we know they are great people and we are encouraged they are doing ministry in the same place we are.

    We started Strip Church 7 years ago in Vegas and then expanded it to be a network of like- minded ministries. We have 95 cities covered right now in the U.S, Canada and London. When someone applies to the network, the first thing we do is let them know what Strip Church Network members we have in a city near them. We encourage them to reach out and most of the time we email the current ministry and let them know about the new Strip Church Network applicant/ member. We really do want to try to connect people to serve one another and serve their cities but lets be honest, sometimes we can all be very territorial, we keep a closed tight and exclusive group and rarely allow new people into our team. This happened in junior high and still happens when we’re 40. There are often times some big personalities in these types of ministries and the easiest thing to do is just do our own thing. Not everyone is going to get along, share the same vision for the ministry or have the same approach. So, what do we suggest?

    Strip Church will always encourage someone inquiring about our network or someone new in the network to seek out an existing ministry we know of in that same town. We hope that people can work together and build stronger teams but we understand not everyone has the same vision or ministry style.

    Strip Church believes that there is plenty of room in every city for multiple ministries to exist. If this truly is God-led ministry then we don’t claim we are the only chosen ones for a particular city and or clubs and become fearful that others will come in and step on our toes and ruin what we’ve done. God is bigger than that. Do we understand the concerns? Of course we do– we’ve been there so many times over the last 15 years as many other groups (even those that do things entirely different than we do) have come into areas where we were once the only ones.

    Strip Church trains and sends women off into local sex-industry ministry and encourages women to stay connected inside our network for ongoing support and encouragement. There are churches on every corner in some cities and most of them never talk to the other. We don’t want that to happen. We do believe the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

    We believe that together we are better, stronger, shine brighter and accomplish more.

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