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    Hey ladies,

    I am settling well into my role with Strip Church. As most of you know, I’ve been with X3 for a long time but have had a minimal behind the scenes role with Strip Church until January of this year. In the last six months I have networked with many of you. We’ve brainstormed, we’ve prayed, we’ve kicked around ideas for the future of your individual ministries and Strip Church as a whole. I’ve loved getting to know you and I long to know those of you better whom I’ve not yet encountered. This email comes to put my latest thoughts out there to you on our partnership and see who may feel led to participate in these areas.

    In the past we paid for blogs to be written. This was dumbfounding to me when I came on board, but what do I know?! So the blogs went away which made sense in order to keep network costs at a minimal (and anyone that has an ongoing non-profit knows it takes money to manage it all: staff, website, administrative, graphics, events, behind the scenes etc.). I’d love to see the blogs going again. I’m happy to write them and have members of our staff contribute, we have many years here at Fireproof- 15 to be exact and many years working with women in the industry but we’re not in the clubs every week like you are. Doing the ins and outs of only strip club ministry— I’d like to throw out a different idea.

    You ladies are the ones that are going into the clubs regularly—each of you with unique perspectives but all of you know the things we should be talking about. I’d love for some of you who can write and are willing to write to consider one of these topics OR if you have another suggested topic you’d like to write about let me know. Then we will feature your blog and your ministry on the Strip Church site at some point.

    Yes – Jesus Loves Strippers and So Should You
    3 Ways to build Your stripper ministry
    4 secrets to getting into clubs
    I found Jesus at a Strip Club
    4 Great Gifts for Strippers
    How to get a club owner to love your ministry
    5 things you should never say to a stripper
    8 Things not to do when starting a strip club ministry
    3 Types of people to keep OFF your ministry team
    Why We don’t picket clubs
    Why Every church needs a strip club ministry

    We have a Strip Church Pinterest page that has lacked attention. Sure, this is something else we can manage but if you’re on Pinterest and you’ve got some ideas, we’d love for some of you to take turns with the Pinterest page. I don’t know how many of you are on Pinterest but if you have an interest in Pinterest (ha see what I did there) please let me know!

    Lastly, some great news…. All those beautiful “Bright Lights Big Cities” graphics we did for the Chicago event… we’ve rebranded with the newest Strip Church logo for any current members to use for your ministries and social media pages. I’ll get those out to you in the coming weeks!! Please note: You can continue to use the Strip Church logo you are using, but we promised to continually evolve as well as give you professional graphics so if you want some change, it is an option for you!

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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    • Hillary Nyekan

      Praise God for all you at do. I pray many blessings over this ministry and pray many lives are saved. I was curious as to how to get involved or what one can do to serve alongside. Would love to hear more. Thank you and God Bless!

      • Michelle

        Hey Hillary,
        You can click on the cities link to see if there is a stripchurch network partner in your city to connect with or perhaps serve. If not and you’re interested in starting an outreach in your own city click on the NETWORK link. Thanks for your support!

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