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    It’s important to make sure when you’re encouraging girls from the industry to share their story, that they’re ready to do so. Timing is everything. When I first came out of the industry, it was important for me to have a period of time where I didn’t have to wear that “scarlet letter”. I needed to feel “normal”. So for years, no one knew and it gave God an opportunity to rearrange my concept of who I was. On the flip side, when it was time for me to share it, I carried so much shame, it was really difficult. Here’s how you can help them tell their testimony:


    1. Timing: Make sure they’re ready. Don’t ever force anyone to tell their story. This can quickly turn into more damage. Also, when you want them to share their story, make sure you want it for the right reasons. Your focus should always be what’s best for HER, not your ministry.
    2. The Audience: Be sensitive to whom she’s delivering the message to. Make sure it’s people who won’t judge her. The first few times she shares will be her hardest, and her most powerful for. It will set the tone for how she feels about sharing it publically.
    3. Always check in with her afterwards: Sometimes telling her story can cause emotional triggers afterwards. She may need help processing these, and she may need to pull back for a while. Always encourage her that this is normal, and part of the process towards healing. It happens to all of us.


    Helping a girl tell what God did for her can be one of the most important things you can do in this ministry. There’s power in the testimony, but always remember- it’s never easy, and she will need you there to steady her when her emotions aren’t stable. Let her know you love her. It’s a another perfect opportunity to look like Jesus.

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