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    In today’s ‘digital age’ it is critical for ministries like ours to utilize social media for positive impact. It used to be that an organization would update their supporters via written letters or a quarterly newsletter. Quarterly newsletters are useful for sharing highlights from the year, but how can we let our supporters know of stories or updates soon after they happen or in real time? Through a useful social media tool called a Facebook Group. (Don’t confuse this with a Facebook Page).

    We have been inspired by the positive impacts of one of our own network members using this feature. The team of Strip Church Seattle is usingtheir Facebook Group to provide their supporters with specific and immediate updates from their outreach nights.They post updates literally the night of or morning after an outreach. How cool is that? Instead of using a Facebook Page as a way to share updates, they’ve created a more exclusive group where they can share specific stories and allow their committed supporters to be a part of what they are doing. It not only leaves the supporters encouraged, but the team is encouraged as well.

    Here are a few benefits of having a Facebook Group for your ministry:

    1. Manage who is part of the group. This allows you to share specific stories that you might not feel comfortable with telling whoever follows you on your Facebook Page.
    2. Encouragement to your group members. This is especially critical for those supporting you prayerfully and financially. They are welcomed into the ministry and get to hear what God is doing firsthand each outreach night.
    3. Prayer Requests. Maybe one of your team members spoke with a girl who shared that she wants to leave the ministry. You can post the prayer need right away and have a team of people praying for her.
    4. Fundraising. Share your needs for finances or outreach items.

    It is incredible to me to be able to log-on to Facebook the day after an outreach happens in Seattle and read exactly how the night went and how I can be praying for the team. I’ve seen stories about bouncers opening up to the team, dancers wanting to get out of the industry, and the number of Bibles they hand out in one night.I want to encourage each of you to create a Facebook Group like this. Harmony, Ryan, Craig, and I would love to be a part of your groups so that we can be in constant prayer for you and hear how God is developing your teams and moving in the strip clubs in your area.

    Example of Seattle’s Facebook Group

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