Planning for Your Team

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    “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”
    ~ Proverbs 15:22

    “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    ~ Jeremiah 29:11

    An effective ministry thrives with effective teams. To achieve your purpose of building trust and relationships with gals in the clubs, it is important to create a powerful team. This takes prayer, resources, much thought and planning. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and ponder as you begin and continue recruiting team members.

    ◦ How significant of a ministry do you want to have?
    ◦ How willing are you to invest your time and energy into it?
    ◦ How committed are you to the mission?
    ◦ How are you prepared to handle the obstacles and disappointments that will come?
    ◦ Who is surrounding you for wise counsel?
    ◦ How will you measure “success”?

    Your Mission (not impossible): To create a healthy, active, dynamic, thriving, fun loving team! (One that you will love leading and joining!)

    Every team has rules – spoken or unspoken, written or not. We want to help you create a Team Covenant Agreement (rules of engagement) that will help make your journey more enjoyable and focused. One of the greatest threats to your ministry is a dysfunctional team. We’ve got to get our teams right!

    Tip:We suggest that you find different temperaments to “sit around your table”. (Introverts/Extroverts)

    It is important to develop synergy among your team. The ministry you are leading is significant and so is the synergy among team members. Respect and trust are two key elements that must be established and exercised. Leading a team of women can be challenging but with a few simple guidelines in place and a clear understanding of what is appropriate and what isn’t can make the team journey remarkable!

    We suggest implementing a “Covenant Agreement” for your team. This will create clarity of purpose and understanding. This list is not all-inclusive or limited. Feel free to use and abuse and customize to fit your DNA. You can host a meeting for the specific purpose of going over this agreement and asking team members to each sign off on the agreement. It is good to have their “buy-in” in writing.

    Covenant Agreement

    I will speak in love and refuse to be offended.
    I will help create an environment that encourages honesty with respect.
    I will respect the consensus of the group.
    I will support and encourage other team members.
    I will keep confidential conversations inside the group.
    I will commit to praying for team members and the ministry.
    I will commit to attending the outreaches and team meetings.
    I agree to allow others to confront me on issues of this agreement that I violate.

    Set aside a time when together as a team you create and discuss the key operating principles of your team. Start with asking your team members to share honestly what they can and cannot commit to. Once you get their buy in – it will provide you with a great “marker” to fall back on in case of conflict or confusion down the road.

    This is a serious and significant ministry but make sure you find time for fun and mix in lots of laughter – these are the ingredients for creating memorable experiences and teams that will stay together for a long time.

    We’d love to hear what you create for your team.

    Patty and Lisa

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