Humility in Ministry

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    As I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s amazing that we were chosen to do this ministry. How many times do you think how awesome this is that we get to be the ones to go to the places most Christians are scared to go and love women in the sex industry? The temptation would be to take it personal and get caught up that we have something to do with what’s happening. Of course this problem doesn’t happen at first, but pride is so sneaky and can come in different forms. I challenge you to do a fruit inspection to make sure you’re not falling victim to pride, and humility is leading you.


    1. If you think you are the one making something happen, or not happen.

    We do not get to take credit for the miracles that happen when a girl takes a step toward her destiny, nor is it our fault when they take a step away. God is the final arbiter of their journey, and if you’re either taking credit or guilt for their choices, that’s pride. Humility says, their journey is just that, I’m here to deliver a message, and the result of that message is none of my business.


    1. If your ministry makes a sudden increase or decrease in volunteers.

    The flux of this ministry always amazes me. Sometimes we have 60 people at Eve’s Angels bible study in one city. Sometimes we have 2. Your job is not to impress people, or feel like it’s your responsibility to keep them. Your heart needs to be fixed on what He’s doing, and remember, Gideon won a war with 300.


    1. When the public really likes what you do, or they really don’t.

    If you’ve been doing this long enough, you will run into people who are “fans” and those that are “haters”. We recently had someone tattoo the Eve’s Angels logo on their back (I’ve never met this woman). People’s approval of you does not equal God’s approval. Nor does people’s critique of you mean you’re doing something wrong. You have an audience of One. That should keep you humble.


    Remember, pride comes before a fall because it makes you blind and you won’t be able to see where you’re going. And dealing with what we’re dealing with, we can’t afford to be blind. Humility is so necessary. Don’t forget: this isn’t about us. This is about Him and His girls. Stay humble.

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