Humility in Ministry

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    As I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s incredible that we were chosen to do this ministry. How many times have you thought about how awesome it is that we get to be the ones going to the places most Christians won’t go? That we are the privileged ones to go and love women in the sex industry?

    The temptation would be to get caught up in thinking that we have something to do with what’s happening. Even the calling itself.  Of course, this doesn’t happen right away, pride is sneaky and comes in various forms. I challenge you to do a fruit inspection to make sure you’re not falling victim to pride and that humility is leading you.  Here’s a quick four-part self-reflective inspection you can use to measure where you are today.

    1. If you think you are the one making something happen, or not happen. 

    We do not get to take credit for the miracles that happen when a girl takes a step toward her destiny, nor is it our fault when they step away. God is the final arbiter of their journey, and if you’re either taking credit or guilt for their choices, that’s pride. Humility says, their journey is just that. I’m here to deliver a message, and the result of that message is none of my business.

    2. If your ministry makes a sudden increase or decrease.

    The flux of this ministry always amazes me. You may have many volunteers and or donors for a season and then next have less than desired.  You may have favor in clubs and then suddenly get denied. Your job is not to impress people or feel like it’s your responsibility to keep them. Your heart needs to be fixed on what He’s doing, and remember, Gideon won a war with 300.  Let Him choose your tribe.  I’d rather have a small tribe whose heart is right with God than a large tribe for the numbers just to get it all done in my timeframe. Choose your battles wisely.  Is it God’s battle or is it yours?

    3. When the public really likes what you do, or they really don’t.

    If you’ve been doing this long enough, you will run into people who are “fans” and those that are “haters.”  The approval of people does not equal God’s approval. Nor does the critique of people mean you’re doing something wrong. You have an audience of One. That should keep you humble but unfortunately, it can swing the pendulum in the wrong direction.  I’ve seen many leaders begin to enjoy the spotlight this calling will bring.  It’s one thing if it truly points to Jesus, it’s another if only you can be seen in that spotlight.

    4. Are you a collaborator or are you a control freak?

    In order to lead well, one must learn to delegate and they must also know how to collaborate.  If you think you are the only one on the block OR in ministry that knows best, you might want to reconsider that God brings many people with different gifts and offerings to bless and make ministry (which is really His anyway) what He desires it to be.  Do you talk about people who think differently than you do or do you talk with them?  There’s an old saying

    “What Suzie says about Sally says more of Suzie than about Sally.”  Remember that.


    All eyes are on you so be prepared in and out of season. Remember, pride comes before a fall because it makes you blind and you won’t be able to see where you are going. With what we’ve been entrusted to do, we can’t afford to be blind. Humility is crucial. Don’t forget: this isn’t about us. This is about Him and His love for those we serve.

    Stay humble.

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