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    When it’s finally time to launch in your new city, it’s important that the people you’ve chosen to help you lead it and the church you’ve decided to partner with help you get the word out. We’ve done all of our cities through grass roots advertising (aka word of mouth). There are so many people right now hungry to help in the sex industry, which is awesome, so you want to make sure you get a chance to cast vision to the people who could be potential volunteers in your ministry. So many people think that the only thing we do is outreach, and they were scared to go on outreach, but they didn’t realize we had so many other needs in our ministry that we needed their help with. We hold a 2 hour workshop a week to two weeks before our first meeting where we invite people to come learn more about Eve’s Angels and how they can be a part of what we do.
    The first thing I do at the workshop is I share my testimony. For those of you who’ve never been in the industry, you still have a testimony of what God did to put it on your heart to do something so wild as to love women in the sex industry  and people need to hear that, because it will speak to them. Testimonies of Jesus Christ are important to be shared because they have the capacity to recreate themselves in other people. Always brag on what God has done in your life. It’s contagious.
    The second thing we do is break down the various aspects of ways they can get involved, and what that looks like. Obviously, outreach is on that list, and for each of you, that will be a different explanation. We also include administrative needs. We like to correspond with people on our testimonies, network churches, do mail outs, organize things etc. and in order to get that done, we need people with administrative gifts. We have a baking for bouncers group of women that bake for the men in the club, and they schedule each time we come in. We have an intercession team (the most important in my opinion) and they pray for us when we’re out and we send them a list of the girls’ names in the clubs to pray for for the week. We have a fundraising team, and we also have a networking team that gets other organizations in that particular city involved. Your places of need may look different than ours, but this is such a cutting edge ministry across the country, it’s important to clearly explain what your needs are and how people can get involved.
    Finally, and I think this is so important, we leave at least 30 minutes at the end of the workshop for question and answer. The last time I did a workshop, I was running ahead of schedule, and was excited to get out a bit early because I was starting to get hungry. When I opened it up for question and answer, they kept me there for NINTEY MINUTES!!!!! When I started to feel myself shake from exhaustion and hunger, I wrapped it up. Hahaa. Make sure though, you give that city a chance to ask questions because this is new to them.
    Hopefully by the time you get done with the workshop, you have a well oiled machine of people that are ready to take your new city with you and spread the Love of Jesus Christ to women in the sex industry.

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