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    When you launch you ministry into another city, you want to take inventory as to how many places are there where sex is being sold. Some of this can be done on the internet, although please be advised these sights can be a little pornographic (not that we don’t see it all, just be careful if you’re making this list and your children happen to be in the room. Learn from my mistakes. Haha) Different cities have a different amount of strip clubs, and some have brothels and massage parlors as well. There are other ways to find out how many clubs, and as you start your list, always leave room for more; you may find some while you’re going to others that aren’t on your list, some may not be listed because of their size, and others may be new or are under new ownership so they have a new name.
    There are several benefits to your list. First of all, when you’re doing your research, you want to make sure you list the address of the club, and how many miles it is from the church you’ve partnered with. It works as sort of a battle plan for the city. We find that in our larger cities, there are clubs that are sort of clustered together in one area, so rather than driving all over the place, we will send out 2 teams and hit 2 or 3 at the same time. Sometimes you’ll find that people on your outreach team live closer to some clubs than to others, so it’s good to assign those people to those particular clubs. Relationships are built on repetition, so we like to send the same faces into the same clubs.
    Your list also serves as a budgeting tool. We have a spreadsheet that we write down how many gift bags we bring into that club on the particular night we go, along with how much admission is. Unlike most ministries, we go into clubs and pay as if we’re customers to sit and pray and talk to the girls. By the time the year is up, we have a fully submitted budget on what it took us to fund our outreach efforts. It also shows us an average of how many girls in that city we have access to forming relationships with. This can help with grant writing etc.
    Your list also helps with intercession. You can assign your prayer team to pray for certain regions of the city (depending on the size of the city), and include specific clubs to specific prayer warriors. We believe everything starts and stops with prayer, so this is an easy way to make sure your clubs are being bathed in the spirit with the prayer.

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