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    Carrying the Vision
    When you launch your ministry into a new city, it’s important that you have a few people that can carry the vision. Everyone’s ministry is different, and we each have our own spiritual DNA. The calling on our lives varies, and although it may look like we’re all doing the same thing, we each have a unique “thumb print” on how we bring the Light into dark places. You want to make sure that the people you put as your lead people in a new city, assuming you’re not able to make it there each week or whenever you decide to meet, can carry what you carry-can duplicate what you do.
    Once you have your lead people, it’s very imperative that you have a good church home to meet at, and to partner with. I believe this is important with or without a bible study or support group. You can schedule a meeting with the women’s director or with the outreach pastor or senior pastor (usually depending on how big the church is) and find out what their core beliefs are, find out how they feel about “broken” people in their church (I’ve had churches tell me they don’t want ‘those’ kind of people there-horrible. I know). Make sure you bring a list of questions with you because this is your time to interview them, not the other way around. You want to always have a good solid church that will love the girls the way that you do, and it also helps to have a church that has resources available in case the girls decide to change their career path and need a resume written, legal services, food pantry, housing resources, etc. A lot of churches are networked throughout their city and have a lot of connections, which will save you a lot of time.
    Our number one question for our churches is to ask them to cover us in prayer in that region. God has given each church spiritual authority in that particular city, and they have the capacity to cover our efforts as the ambassadors of that city to make sure our outreaches etc are covered/bathed in prayer. They can also usually recommend a few women that would love to join the team in some capacity.
    The bottom line with finding a good church is to make sure you find a safe spiritual home where girls in the industry would feel safe coming, would be fed the Word of God, and wouldn’t feel judged. Finding a good church could change her life for the rest of her life, so make sure it’s prayed through!

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