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    It’s always important to realize you can’t do it all in ministry. The Bible is clear about us being the Body of Christ, and each one of us being a member of the body. In order to avoid micromanaging and/or being Superwoman, it’s important to first take inventory of your own strengths and weaknesses.

    For example, I am really good at catching the vision for the ministry, and for the girls we serve. I’m also really good at getting a plan started, and seeing the steps it takes to get from where we or the women are, to where we need to end up.

    On the other hand, I’m TERRIBLE at anything administrative. So when we became bigger than I was able to handle, I prayed for admin people. God sent Michele. If I need anything done in 2 weeks, she has it done in 45 minutes. Why? Because it’s her gift. And this is the next lesson of putting together a solid team.

    You have to face the fact that people on your team can do certain things better than you. And that works for your advantage, because you will get the work done so much faster, more excellent and more efficient. It gives God an opportunity to work through them, and allows their gifts to shine.

    It also allows you to focus on your strengths where God works through you in your lane. Win-win.

    And when everyone is in their place, more girls are helped. Mission accomplished.

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