Dallas’13 Recap

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    On February 8th, nearly 100 seats were filled at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dallas with women and men who were excited and ready to learn how to reach women in the sex industry. This was our biggest and best Strip Church Training yet! Here is a breakdown of where our attendees traveled from:

    The majority came locally from Texas, from cities including:
    • Houston
    • San Antonio
    • Lubbock
    • Arlington
    • Keller
    • Dallas
    • Richardson
    • Austin
    • Pasadena
    • Longview

    The group that traveled the farthest was 1700 miles from Springfield, MA!

    We had people from the following states
    • Minnesota
    • North Dakota
    • Missouri
    • Wisconsin
    • Tennessee
    • Colorado
    • Kansas
    • New Jersey
    • Ohio
    • New Mexico
    • Utah
    • Arizona
    • Kentucky

    The largest group was 11 women from New Mexico.

    The most exciting part of this is that each individual woman that attended represents an area in the United States with strip clubs that will soon be filled with the love of Christ. It means that the hundreds of girls working in those clubs will get to see the tangible love of Christ through these women. It means that lives will be impacted. It means that churches will get involved, and more and more people will know the love Christ has for them.

    That is why we do what we do. This is why our goal is to expand Strip Church Training to new cities. Because we know that we cannot do it alone. It simply takes a few passionate women in every city for us to be able to reach the many girls in the sex industry.

    This year, we had various speakers share about their experiences working with women in the sex industry – from Annie Lobert who builds relationships with girls on the streets of Vegas to Polly Wright, the local Dallas ministry leader of We Are Cherished, who shared her testimony from working in the clubs to now reaching the girls working in them.

    On Saturday night, we went on an outreach to the strip clubs in Dallas and the surrounding areas. We had three 15-passenger vans full of women and hundreds of gift bags. Our local ministry in Dallas, We Are Cherished, led our teams on three different routes to 30 31 different clubs (we planned for 30 but after finding one not on the list, one of the teams decided to go in for the first time). In total, we handed out over 1300 gift bags to girls working that night. 1300 women heard they were loved and cherished by God, and they received a gift with no strings attached.

    Read below for a few highlights from the outreach:

    I was able to share the gift bags with 4 or 5 dancers all at once on the floor at the stage that was off to the side. They stopped me & gathered around. A customer even joined in and listened to me as one of the dancers asked why are you doing this? I had 6 listening ears and was overwhelmed by the words God gave me to share! The customer shook his head in disbelief and said “Wow that’s incredible you ladies do this for the girls”, then he walked off. I received hugs and many thank you’s!! One girl had just started and I could tell her wheels were spinning after our encounter. Also all 5 girls opened their bags on the stage and went through each gift! They loved them!!
    One of the girls we were with knew of a club that wasn’t on our list. The Dallas team didn’t even know about this club, but we were able to find it and deliver gifts to the women working in that club! Because of the training, God found a way, He uncovered the veil that was over that club, and his daughters will now receive His beautiful message!

    What an incredible weekend equipping women to return to their cities as leaders and begin reaching out to women working in the sex industry in their communities. We cannot wait to see the work that the Holy Spirit does through each of these new and existing ministries that we met in Dallas this month.

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