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    Bringing others into the vision


    You decide to step out of the box… Now what? Creative juices are on overdrive and you want to see it manifest. Where do you start? Great vision + strong follow through = fantastic results!


    • Cast vision to your team.
    • Break down logistics into bite size pieces to enable more people to assist.
    • Generate a sign up sheet for different ways to help.
    • Create a Facebook event page and invite others into the action. Spell out your needs clearly and don’t micromanage.
    • Designate an admin to handle small details.
    • Invite churches, small groups, women’s ministries, and community groups to help.
    • Create a prayer sign up (Sign Up Genius is great), and cover your event in prayer.
    • Afterwards, share the girl’s reactions and stories without breaking confidentiality.
    • Utilize social media and share the excitement with your followers and those who helped on any level.
    • Strike while the iron is hot. While people are still excited, give them tangible ways to help in the future.


    Do a little research and locate key people in your community who would want to hear about your ministry and the work you are doing. Having the right contacts is key! Within the church there are missions pastors, small group leaders, ladies ministries, etc., which are all good points of contact; but think outside the church as well. There are many non-Christian organizations that are interested in elevating women and simply need to know about your organization. Invite your contacts out and meet them one on one for coffee; share your passion, and cast your vision. Give people opportunity to engage with your ministry through outreach and it will set a strong foundation for long-term partnership. Some people don’t mind simply writing a check, while others want tangible ways to assist you. Allow people to help you and partake in the wonderful ministry by letting them take ownership of one area of the outreach. For instance one group may want to bake cookies, another decorations, yet another small cards of affirmation, etc. Don’t micromanage the creative flow. Others may have fantastic ideas that you have not thought of yet. There are so many wonderful ways to include people. Invested friends become investors.


    “Invested friends become investors”


    Be mindful that not all ideas are for immediate execution. Have a folder on your computer where you keep potential future outreach ideas. If you have a strong intercessory team, you will know when to brainstorm the idea, and when to breathe life into it. Psalm 16:9 states: The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Timing is key with our kind of ministry so stay close to the Lord in prayer and trust His leading. Often, obeying the vision the Lord places in your heart is like jumping out of an airplane and trusting you have a parachute. When God calls you to something wild, crazy and fun… suit up, show up and trust Him.

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