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    Logistics will vary for each outreach team depending on depth of detail needed to pull off a successful event. Let’s take a brief look at two creative outreaches Emerge held this past year and break it down.


    Holiday Dinner

    A local pastor approached us asking if his church could provide Thanksgiving dinner for a couple clubs. He wanted to make sure while others were home with their families, that these girls knew they were fearlessly loved. I immediately jumped on his offer! This had to run smoothly with all the details involved so we diligently worked to cover all the bases. While on outreach the month prior, we determined which clubs would be open for the holiday and asked permission from the manager.  Follow up phone calls took place one week before Thanksgiving and we finalized last minute details. There was a liaison for the church that I remained in contact with and we successfully pulled off a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner for two clubs. Gorgeous centerpieces were handcrafted; and we decorated, set up and provided an amazing feast complete with all the fixings. Management was happy to let us retrieve our serving dishes on the following outreach. We also included pretty gift bags for the dancers just to remind them how special they are.


    Key points:

    • Obtain permission from management
    • Clearly state your intentions with detail
    • Follow up before outreach
    • Include a new local church to connect with the vision
    • Do not overstay your visit
    • Recognize business is taking place, so don’t create big scene
    • Remove all your items on return visit
    • Gauge the response for future outreach



    Baby Shower


    After building relationship with one young mother we discovered she was pregnant and we were set on having an excellent baby shower for her.

    We determined hosting the shower in the club would produce better results than outside the club. Permission was obtained from the manager well in advance and we maintained conversation for a couple of months. Beautiful invitations were created by our team and dropped off weeks in advance. We created a Facebook event page, inviting our fan base to partake in blessing this young mother. I also reached out to several pastors in our area asking them to buy mommy a present explaining that one-day this girl may walk through their doors. Always protecting the girls we minister to, we did not use names of clubs or individuals involved. Many people donated on some level whether money, food, gifts, decorations, favors, etc. and we showered mommy and baby with an abundance of presents. The night was a huge success! Seeing our love in action truly solidified several relationships that we had been building. Once mommy had her baby, we brought her dinner and more presents and gave her a photo album we created with photos from her shower. Truly this was an amazing opportunity to lavish God’s unconditional love on this precious young lady.


    Key points:


    • Obtain permission from management
    • Tell DJ & bouncers your plans. They were instrumental in helping us.
    • Think small details through. How much room do you have for food, presents, etc. without interfering with the other girls.
    • Include others. Great way to connect people to your ministry.
    • How are you gong to get the large items in and how will she get them out?
    • Have large trash bags for wrapping paper.
    • Gauge the length of stay
    • Have enough food and treats for all employees
    • We never put pictures of our girls on social media. This is huge for us. These girls don’t have boundaries and we need to create and honor them while they are in the process.
    • We never listed the clubs name or the girl’s name.
    • Be aware that other dancers may feel slighted or left out. We made sure we showered the other girls with attention and love as well.


    A great idea without a well-planned execution can turn into a nightmare. Just make sure you think through your logistics, gauge your clubs and fly with it!

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