The Benefits of Having a Bible Study for Women in the Sex Industry

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    1. Deeper relationships with the women

    Creating a Bible Study/Women’s Group in a non-judgmental, safe, & casual environment for women in the sex industry is essential for creating deeper relationships with not only other women, but it gives the girls an opportunity to explore a deeper relationship with Jesus and be in an environment where they can experience the love of the Father.

    The JC’s Girls ministry began in August 2006 at The Rock Church. The very first thing we did when we began the ministry was contact our church to put an announcement in the bulletin that said something like this: “We are beginning a new ministry called JC’s Girls that is dedicated to reaching out to women (with love & without condemnation) who are, or have been involved in the sex industry. Our purpose is to let the girls know that God loves them and to offer our love & support. If you are currently working in the sex industry, have ever been in the sex industry, or just have a heart for women who have, then please join us Thursday, August 17th in room 351 at 7:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!”

    2. Allowing women to open up in a safe environment

    Because our church is so large (about 12,000 people), we were not very surprised when over 40 women had shown up for the first meeting! In that initial meeting, we spent time sharing our vision and heart for the ministry and then each woman shared why they felt God led them toattend the meeting. Several women, between the ages of 18-50, began to open up and share about their past experiences working as dancers, escorts, in porn, etc. For most of the women, it was the very first time they had even opened up about their “little secret” (a few had never even told their spouse because of deep shame). We decided to meet every other week so women would feel excited about coming and it wouldn’t feel like a chore.

    We call it a Bible Study/Women’s group because the first half of the meeting we go through a short applicable Bible Study and during the second half, we allow each of the women to speak and share their hearts, which can include:

    Prayer requests
    Praise reports
    Why they feel God led them to the ministry

    3. Community

    Our Bible Study is not taught by one person, but rather facilitated by the ministry leaders. We keep it very interactive which creates plenty of opportunities for women to be able to open up and share their heart. When women open up and share, something special happens… hearts are softened, walls begin to break, and love &compassion fills the room! We have an amazing sisterhood amongst the women that you can’t really form when you’re just going inside of the clubs ministering. For a lot of women, the “church thing” is new, so it can be quite intimidating stepping into a church. We believe that this kind of group helps break down those walls and introduce the women to the idea of church through the love and support of other women.

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