About Us

Find Out a Bit More about Our Team and History

    We serve, teach, and equip women across the world who share a heart and calling to reach those who work in the legal sex industry.

    We train leaders to outreach to strip clubs in their home cities. We do this training through an online-workshop portal with our top leaders. We also hold Network Connect- Calls quarterly and we host an annual Alumni event in San Diego (free for Strip Church Network members) where we offer follow-up training and strategies for teams, donor development, industry relationships that includes guest speakers and interactive workshops. 

    We will also train any church (on-site) who wants to host a training event for a start-up ministry in their church or surrounding cities. 

    Our Strip Church Network is continually supported through ongoing interaction with members of our staff as well as members of the network through networked websites, calls, resources, blogs, prayer, and branded materials to use inside the clubs as well as on your websites.

    Strip Church is led by forward-thinking leaders who are reaching the sex-industry in incredible ways. Through our private network-only discussion groups, blogs, and alumni events, you will hear from a range of leaders who have extraordinary impact through their unique ministries. Our leaders include former industry workers, school teachers, pastors and everyday people who love Jesus.

    Strip Church was launched in 2008 by the XXXchurch team in Las Vegas and quickly grew to a network of like-minded ministries across the world.

    The people that make up the Strip Church Team:

    Michelle Russell  – Strip Church Director:  Michelle has been with Strip Church since the beginning and enjoys connecting with industry women all over the world.  She heads up the Industry Mentor program through XXXchurch and is a valuable resource for Strip Church Network members in building authentic relationships with women in the industry.  Her work  includes uniting ministries, creating and providing resources to both industry workers and network members. Michelle spearheads the Strip Church Network Alumni Events, SCN Connect-calls and she supports and champions network members in various ways.

    Rachel Ceballos – Strip Church All-Star:  Rachel has led outreaches into porn shows, brothels, strip clubs and just about everywhere else with XXXchurch since the beginning.  She leads our Online Training Workshop.  Rachel has led Strip Church training events around the nation and travels often with both XXXchurch & Strip Church.

    Craig Gross – Founder : Craig who is now retired, founded XXXchurch.com in 2002 at a porn convention, and the ministry has led outreaches in hundreds of conventions around the world. Craig spearheaded Strip Church in 2008 which has developed into the network you now know as The Strip Church Network.