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    The Strip Church network is the best place to start developing your ministry team to reach women working in the sex industry. You will find encouragement, experience, prayer, resources and power for ministry.  The network membership is a privilege and not an entitlement just because someone is in ministry.   We are a team and anyone who wants to be a part of our network and can align with our Strip Church vision can fill out our online application  to request membership which includes all of your training.   We want to be like-minded so it is important if you are going to link arms with Strip Church that you understand our foundation and premise.   We know that there are different styles of outreach and ministry.  We know that not everyone will always see eye to eye on things but as long as our foundation and our basic ideas about how to serve women are the same we’re excited to champion you in your efforts!

    There is an Annual fee of $199 to be in the network.  The ongoing benefits are awesome and will continue to evolve year after year! 

    The Network Features:

    • TRAINING!   Our online training platform provides you (and your team) with the same training we have offered for years at live events in a workshop format . That’s right, access for your whole team to experience the same trainings that people have traveled around the world to receive from us!  [*More info on training below.]
    • ONE ON ONE COACHING! Our team is available to champion you with one on one support in areas you need strengthening. We offer prayer, guidance, wisdom and encouragement specific to club & sex industry ministry.
    • CONNECTIONS! Network connections with other club ministries around the world.
    • PARTNERSHIP! Listed as a network partner of our global Strip Church Network and placement on the map at
    • PRIVATE ACCESS! Access to private Facebook group for members only (and their teams) around the world.  This is a remarkable place made up of over 100 strip church cities partners and their teams to kick around ideas, ask questions, post updates and prayer requests!)
    • EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITIES! Such as an alumni retreat or volunteering with XXXchurch at an adult convention in the dressing room.
    • UNIQUE WEB PRESENCE! A web presence with link directly from our international site to yours or a landing page on our site with your info if you don’t have a website yet.
    • GRAPHIC DESIGNS! Once or twice a year we will create Strip Church graphics for you to use in your ministries, outreaches and on your ministry Facebook pages.
    • RESOURCES! Access to Strip Church resources which is an exclusive abundance of resources for ministry and outreaches.

    The ongoing benefits are awesome and will continue to evolve year after year!

    *TRAINING:  Strip Church Training is the best way to get insights and experiences from a team who has been doing effective ministry in the sex industry for over a decade. 

    Do you want to know how to reach women in your city who are in need of a non-judgmental love, an abundance of grace and the light of hope?  Have you wanted to get started but don’t know where to begin? Whether you have already started an outreach or are planning to, Strip Church Training will equip you to reach women working in the industry.  Anyone can show up, but not everyone can reach.  We will show you how.  Topics discussed are:  

    1. Where to start: How to get into the clubs. 
    2. How to minister: What to do (and not to do!) once you are in the clubs.  
    3. How to maintain:  Once inside the clubs what does building relationships look like, how to be a helpful resource,  possible scenarios and how to handle them effectively. 
    4. Bonus access to pre-recorded live interactions with industry workers and various training resources.

    Interested? Fill out this Application and we will respond within 2 business days!

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